Why this name?

Why this name?

Did you know that people tend to overestimate what they can do in a short time, but underestimate what they can do in the long term?

So, after thinking about this, how are you achieving the goals you planned for this year?

Perhaps like me, you also have a project or a goal you wanted to start right now but didn’t find the time, or you had some issues stopping you from doing it.

I also had experienced some problems this year, keeping me from accomplishing some of my goals.

For example, I planned to do three things and improve my learning skills:

First, to read more.
Next, to learn at least ten lessons from every book I read this year.
Finally, to share my findings with others.

Reading more seems simple, but how to do it?

Reducing the time watching TV and using it for reading might be one of them;  Also to carry a book with me all the time to read every free moment is also a good idea; Perhaps to commit time on my daily schedule to read can be a way to achieve it.

Maybe to some of you, these tasks might look easy. But not for me, let me explain why. Since I was in the third grade, I had a reading problem. I didn’t know why. Later I discovered I was Dyslexic. When I had to read something for a school report, I struggled to memorize anything.

At High school, using the book summaries available at the library, I managed to get by. Later in college, I opted for Industrial Design, making sure I avoided reading any large book.

After graduation, I worked on Information Technologies, where all the books I had to read were manuals with a compilation of one or two-page chapters.

As for best sellers or other books, I used to read one or two a year at the most. Don’t get me wrong, I like to read, but I struggle with each page.

Several years ago, my brother introduced me to Audiobooks. I got hooked in a second. From the one or two books I used to read each year, I went to six and later was able to finish one every month. At this point, the next step was simple, to read one book a week. I was listening to more than 50 or 60 books per year.

Sometimes I lost track of which book I’ve read. Many times, I started one and later remembered I’ve already read it before. I had to find a way to end this problem.

So, I figured that if when I was reading business or self-development books, I would write little notes with the lessons I learned, they would help me remember the highlights.

Other times, among friends, we used to comment about the books we were reading. When I showed them my notes, I noticed they became more interested, and later they would even buy a copy of the book for themselves.

At this time, you might be wondering, but why is this story relevant?

Simple: To accomplish my plan to read more this year, I resolved to complete one book a day in January.

Yes, 31 books finished; some of them long, others short, but still, I managed to complete the task of reading more.

But how could I share my findings? A book-club was a good idea, but  “The Daily Book Club” wasn’t going to work, I had to come with something else.

This made me think about a new project, Instead, why not read two books every week and make summaries of the lessons I’ve learned?

This means that From February to December, there are around 50 weeks, meaning about 100 books I could read, and if I learned at least ten lessons from each one, then I could learn more than a thousand new things in two thousand twenty.

I decided to start a new challenge called: “My 100 Books Project”.

This means I will read and make summaries to share the books I read this year. But wait, why not making it more interesting?  Why not doing YouTube videos and share them online also?  It will certainly allow me to share my findings. Not as a substitute for reading the complete book, but as a way to get more people interested in getting a copy for themselves.

And this is how, “My 100 Books Project”, YouTube, and Blog sites were created.

I found a way to achieve my goals of reading more this year; Learning at least ten lessons from every book I read; And to share my findings with others.

This is the story behind this blog. I hope you join me and enjoy my work, and maybe learn something from the books I read.

If you want to look at the videos go to my YouTube channel.

And don’t forget to leave your comments below.



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