003 Fail Fast, Fail Often

003 Fail Fast, Fail Often

003 Fail Fast, Fail Often
By: Ryan Babineaux, Ph.D.  and John Krumboltz Ph.D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

How Losing Can Make You Win

Ten Lessons Learned

1.- Make Things Happen; Don’t Wait for Them.
Most people won’t make a change in their lives, mostly because of fear, so they try to make unrealistic plans, also known as the “not-yet approach”. They want to succeed but are afraid of failing, of changing their way of thinking; find happiness in the present, don’t wait for a future thing to make you happy. Start with little things like having a walk, read something you want, taking a break or talk to somebody. Create beautiful moments.

2.- A Fun Life Will Make You Happy and Successful.
Look for activities that make you happy, and you will find new opportunities. If your job makes you feel bad, then think about a career change, look for positive things, and make a map where you feel happier, and rank them, so when you’re sad or down, you can go to your happy place and enjoy life. According to the America Psychology Journal, you should have three pleasant experiences for each unhappy one.

3.- The Fastest Road to Success is Failing Fast and Often.
You might not like to fail; remember Trial and Error, as Thomas A. Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Failing will improve your skills and with this your confidence. So, don’t look at this as a negative thing; instead, learn from your mistakes.

4.- Enjoy Your Journey and Embrace Your Failures.
Look at a baby learning to walk; they don’t feel embarrassed about falling. Instead, they get up and try again. If you want something but are afraid to ask for it, you fail before even trying. So, take a risk, do the things you are scared, and learn from them; in time, you’ll be an expert.

5.- See The World Like a Child Again.
Reclaim your innocence, don’t be afraid to ask, you don’t have to know everything. If you want to learn something, ask, or look at YouTube videos on how to do the thing you want to learn. Like Steve Jobs, learn how things work and improve them, be more creative.

6.- Have Big Goals, and Take Little Steps.
Look to obtain big goals and aim high, and split the journey into little steps instead of an unrealistic goal, think of small successes that motivate you and bring you closer to the finish line.

7.- Think of Your Career As a Marriage.
You wouldn’t marry a person you’ve just met, still many people decide their profession like that, they do what others tell them to do, instead, give your future job a test run. Then you can see if you will like to do it for a long time.

8.- Look for Fulfilling Hobbies.
Happiness does not come only from work. Try some other activities that take you away from your daily problems, and free your mind, think of learning to play an instrument, or go camping, learn to paint, or something else, surround yourself with other positive people.

9.- No One Can Succeed Alone.
You might be a successful professional, and have a vast network, but also look for a community, to help you and to give support on your hours of need. And when they need help, be sure to do so, create a group of people looking to support each other and who they have things in common.

10.- In a Nutshell.
Don’t be afraid of failing, instead learn how to take little steps and learn from your failures, in time you will develop a set of skills that take you to your goals. Don’t travel your journey by yourself. Look for a community that supports and mentor each other. And remember to make your FUN MAP, and visit your fun places often, to feel happier and more alive.

This summary is intended for educational purposes, not as an alternative to the book. If you are interested in a copy for you, click  HERE  or on the picture in the title.

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