016 Seven Strategies for Wealth And Happiness

016 Seven Strategies for Wealth And Happiness

016 Seven Strategies for Wealth & Happiness.
By Jim Roth  (176 Pages) ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher.”






What is better to be wealthy or happy? For centuries man has struggled with the idea that money can’t buy happiness and that we have to choose between having fortune or happiness. But have you considered that maybe you don’t have to pick one, when you can have both, it is like making your cake and eat it.

According to some of the greatest self-development and motivational gurus like Tony Robbins, Less Brown, Brendon Burchard, and many others, Tom Rath is a master motivator and profound thinker of our times. And one of the most influential people, responsible for changing millions of lives with his philosophy and mind-expanding ideas.

In “Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness,” The author explains the basic principles of his philosophy for conquering your goals, finding knowledge, control your finances, and master time while living well, surrounded by winners.

So if you are seeking positive change in your life, and learn the trick to master the power of goals and use your personal history to live a better life, you should read this book. It is now the time to start making changes as the author quotes:

“Don’t just live another year. Instead, gather up the years and invest them in the next one.”


Ten Lessons Learned

1.- Where to Start.

Have you ever felt that your month is longer than your paycheck, and no matter what you do, you’re always feeling unsatisfied? The key is to have balance in your life and then learn to share it with others.


2.- The five keywords.

The key to master the seven strategies is to understand the five keywords:

1.- Fundamentals based on the Pareto principle 80/20, you have to follow the basic 20% and learn how to apply them

2.- Wealth, everybody defines it differently, but we all want to be free from financial pressures, and how to obtain it.

3.- Happiness is an attitude by which you live your life, appreciate the little things in life; to give and learn to receive.

4.- Discipline is the ability to stay focus on what you wish and do whatever is necessary to achieve it by continually doing your best.

5.- Success is the steady, measured progress towards accomplishing a goal; remember it is not the destination but the journey.


3.- Strategy One: Unleash the Power of Goals.

To properly set your goals, you first have a complete definition of them. You have to be specific and clear about to, if you want a house, then describe it in your mind, where it is, the color, how many rooms, etc. the more precise, the better, and why you want it for, e.g., you want to have money in the bank, then say how much do you want and what do you want to do with it. Think of 50 goals you want to achieve, then prioritize by the time you wish to acquire them, one year, five years, and ten years. Write to them and put the list where you can see it at least every week and check your progress.


4.- Strategy Two: Seek Knowledge.

Remember the Fundamentals; this is where you begin to use, learn everything you need to complete that goal, look for a teacher or how-to books, learn on the internet, attend seminars, do whatever is necessary to acquire the skills needed. Ask questions about strategies to increase your income to successful people. Save time every day to learn something new. And use some of your income for learning, don’t think it as an expense, but as an investment.


5.- Strategy Three: Learn how to Change.

Remember that you have everything needed to acquire your goal. Get rid of all limiting beliefs and learn how to change and increase your personal and professional values. Avoid at all cost procrastination, don’t judge other people, stop blaming other circumstances, and focus on working hard every day without any excuse. Don’t be a perfectionist, instead focus on doing a good job always. Learn from your failures.


6.- Strategy Four: Control your Finances.

Have a positive attitude about your finances, don’t feel bad about paying taxes or having to expend some money, is your way to pay the government for the services they provide. Use the 70/30 rule when spending your money, use 70% to pay for all your bills, 10% towards your saving, 10% give to charity, and 10% on creating wealth.


7.- Strategy Five: Master Time.

Learn how to balance and master your time. What good is to have all the money or success if you don’t have someone by your side to share it. Divide your day so you can assign time for your health, time for your family and friends, time to rest, and time for work. Plan your day, and don’t forget to set some free time.


8.- Strategy Six: Surround Yourself with Winners.

Remember the saying: Birds of a feather… If you want to be successful, surround yourself with other successful people if you’re going to become healthy, look for places where fit people go, like the gym, the track, etc. If you want to meet people outside your circle, get involved with your community.


9.- Strategy Seven: Learn the Art of Living Well.

Living well is not about having an excessive amount of money; but to appreciate what you have, while working towards your goals. Be generous to yourself and others. Save some of your spending cash so you can give yourself something beautiful. Also, be generous with your time and love to your family and friends. Be thankful for what you have. At night for the good things you received. And in the morning for being alive having another day towards your goals.


10.- The Day That Turns Your Life Around.

If you’re waiting for the day that your luck and success are going to change, you’ll spend the rest of your life waiting. The day is TODAY, tackle every day with the idea that this is the moment you were expecting, the opportunities lie ahead. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, for they are way better than not taking any step forward. Have faith and chase your goals.


This summary is intended for educational purposes, not as an alternative to the book.

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