010 Can You Learn to be Lucky?

010 Can You Learn to be Lucky?

010 Can You Learn to Be Lucky?
By Karla Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Why Some People Seem to Win
More Often Than Others”




Ten Lessons Learned

1.- It’s Not Just Plain Luck.
Life is full of lucky moments, though they might seem random, there is always a reason behind them, e. g. Imagine You are sitting on a bench at the park, and you meet the love of your life. Or maybe you’re out of work, and you start talking to the person in front of you on the coffee line, who happens to be looking for someone just like you for their company. These actions were not really random; you met the love of your life because you took the risk to talk to the other person, the job you got, is because you were looking for it and dare to speak to someone near you.

2.- The Right Place and, at the Right Time.
Many times we feel that things happened because we’re at the right place at the correct time, and you are right, you can seize that opportunity because: first, you were looking for something. You came at the exact time, remember almost no one chooses the first option, so chances are that if you are the third or the fourth, you’ll have better opportunities.

3.- I like you Because You are Familiar.
Thanks to the mirror neurons babies smile or close their eyes mimicking the parents, and they also make us relate, sympathize, or like someone else. So, if we want to be luckier, we have to show ourselves more familiar and according to what others identify.

4.- The Luck of Being beautiful.
We tend to think that beautiful people have more luck, maybe because we see them in magazines, on a yacht, in private planes or first class, and we tend to generalize that actors, models, and celebrities are more beautiful. But that is not always true; they only dress in a way that others want to mimic. And since we all want to be surrounded by beautiful people, they many times get the best opportunities, remember: being at the right place at the right time.

5.- Confidence Equals Luck.
What are the chances you will get the opportunity of your life if you stay sitting at the corner? Surely none, and why because you won’t take the risk to go and talk to someone. Confident people are not fearless; they’re just focusing more on the prize that on feeling embarrassed. Start building your confidence step by step, try to do something risky, something outside your comfort zone. Remember if you don’t ask for or something, you’ll never get it.

6.- The 10,000 Hours Rule.
There is an idea that if you practice 10,000 hours, You will master any activity. Not precisely right, no matter how much time you spend at the gym, you might not end being an Olympian if you don’t have the right genes, and also regardless of the time expended, if you don’t have the guide or the correct coach, you’ll end mastering mediocrity.

7.- Everything is Under Control.
Samuel Goldwyn co-founder of MGM used to say:” The harder I work the luckier I become”. If you want to succeed in any endeavor, you have to learn and master all the skills necessary for what you want, remember focus on the goal not on the effort, and you’ll achieve your dreams.

8.- No One Gets to the Top Being Alone.
If you want to be the luckiest man in the world, surround yourself with imaginative and successful people from who you can learn and support you. It’s all about connections, referrals, and opportunities.

9.- Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.
This phrase, attributed to Steve Jobs, was first printed on the back cover of the last issue of a publication named: The Whole Earth Catalog. It means is that you always have to be in search of new things o opportunities, and never think that you have all the answers and don’t need to learn anything else. If you keep trying, you might get lucky.

10.- Are we Lucky, or do We Create Our Luck?
In the end, it all comes never to stop looking for opportunities and new ideas. Always be prepared and ready to make an effort. Rember that most of the time, when you knock on the door of opportunity, it is work who answers. Be hungry for knowledge and foolish, always keep learning new things.

This summary is intended for educational purposes, not as an alternative to the book.

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