008 Top of Mind

008 Top of Mind

008 Top of Mind
By John Hall  ⭐⭐⭐½

Use Content to Unleash Your
Influence and Engage Those Who Matter to You.


Ten Lessons Learned

1.-“Me” Marketing Vs. “You” Marketing.
Old marketing techniques of the door to door sale or even telemarketers are slowly disappearing. Nobody likes to receive a call or listen to a knock on the door, to hear a long speech about a product or service’s quality or benefits, this is called “Me marketing”.

Marketing is now focused on what my product or service helps a customer, we’ll call this “Your Marketing” strategy.

2.- Content Triggers.
Content triggers make you see an add and feel instantly identified with the message. “You” marketers search for interest, questions, or trends that people are looking for and connect instantly. How do they do it? just by listening to the target market’s problems and presenting a product offering those characteristics.

3.- The Knowledge Bank.
And where do you store all the information acquired? Simple in a bank, a Knowledge Bank, where you have the information available all the time for your sale, people can access all the good ideas.

4.- Make people Like you.
People like what they can relate to, nobody likes the know it all, the flawless person who does everything perfect all the time. Instead, we tend to identify with people sharing their struggle and defects, so you can talk about how you or your company dealt whit these situations. This will make your message real and relatable.

5.- The Comedian, The Coach, The Talk Show Host.
The first thing you have to decide is how do you want to share your message; you can be intelligent and funny as a comedian, be inspiring and caring like a football coach, or like Oprah and be a mix of both. Define the way you want to communicate your message, and it’ll be easier to create.

6.- Clear as Chrystal.
The truth always comes out, so don’t try to hide some bad behavior, sooner or later it will show, and will affect your company, product, or service, also you might lose all your customers, remember no one likes to be taken for a fool.

7.- Consistency is Persistence.
We all have the internet available 24/7, and before making a purchase, so we tend to check all similar products or adds. If they find outdated features or content, the customer loses confidence in our brand.

Keep your information updated and be consistent by creating a Creative Ritual, by having a small note path with you, and try to write all the ideas you can come up about your product.

8.- The Why is First.
Start with the reason Why you do what you do, what motivates you. Successful companies like Apple put their why first, and share it with all their employees. When you do it, everyone becomes ambassador to your brand, and suddenly the How and What, becomes easy to understand, and your customers will connect more with your product or service.

9.- Share, Share, and Share.
Now is time to share your message to the world, by writing comments on social media, have your employees share the company message through their social media, this will help you spread your message, and they will feel a real part of your brand.

10.- The King is Dead, Long Live the King.
Traditional “Me” Marketing is dying. Now the trend is to look for relatable messages aimed to clarify any questions and share connect with the costumers, to create a link between your offer and how it will solve their needs and concerns. They will identify with your brand and what it offers.


This summary is intended for educational purposes, not as an alternative to the book.

If you are interested in a copy for yourself, click http://bit.ly/My100BooksProject008👈

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