001 Own Your Day, Own Your Life.

001 Own Your Day, Own Your Life.

001 Own The Day,
Own Your Life ⭐⭐⭐⭐

By Aubrey Marcus

Ten lessons learned

1.- Rehydrate after waking up.
When you get a good night’s rest (7 to 8 hours), is a long time without drinking any water. And, if you had a drink or went to the gym, you’d be already dehydrated before going to bed! So, rehydrate with water.

2.- Drink water after waking up, not coffee.
During the night, you get dehydrated, causing headaches, anxiety, and irritability. If you add coffee on an empty stomach, your bloodstream gets hit by caffeine. This releases hormones propelling you into fight or flight mode as if you were chased by a lion!
Instead, a glass of water with some fresh lemon and a pinch of salt in the morning helps you feel rehydrated. Adding the essential nutrients and minerals is the best way to start your day.

3.- Avoid simple carbohydrates at breakfast.
A typical American breakfast consists of cereal, white bread, and packaged juices. These are simple carbohydrates filled with plenty of refined sugar and little fiber. Raising your bloodstream sugar levels cause cardiovascular and diabetes-related problems.

4.- High levels of sugar are dangerous.
High levels of sugar are poisonous to your cells. These levels force your body to release insulin and keep your blood sugar levels in check, which also makes you feel lethargic and irritable and, causing serious health problems.

Studies in Israel show that judges were more likely to grant parole to prisoners after lunch. But when they were in a long fast, they felt stressed and rarely granted parole.

5.- Eat like your ancestors.
Many Years ago, your meals would consist of hunted game, foraged plants, roots, and leafy vegetation. A diet like this would keep you fit and healthier; instead, our eating habits make us lazy and overweight.

6.- Make your life healthier with supplements.
Nowadays, you can’t eat animals fed with nutritious, wild vegetation as your ancestors. Today, beef, dairy, and eggs are very low in all nutrients, the arable land has been over-farmed and stripped of nutrients.

You can still maintain a healthy diet by taking supplements. If you can’t spend time in the sun, then start with a vitamin D supplement. The glass of water in the morning provides minerals such as potassium, calcium, and zinc.

7.- Take a nap.
Studies show naping improves cognitive and motor performance more than a large coffee. After resting, the reaction time, logical reasoning, and immune system functions increase.

Historical figures and modern companies also noted the power of napping. Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and Napoleon, used to take naps. Google and Uber encourage employees to take nap breaks during work hours.

8.- Train for overall health, not for just one muscle group.
Exercising reduces weight, relieves stress, and strengthens muscles. It also increases your longevity, helps you sleep, and fights depression.

Ensure that exercising becomes a long-term habit. Thinking it as a way to boost your health, not a way to change your appearance, we’re all attracted to healthy people.

9.- Sex is healthy.
A recent study shows that regular sex can help to fight depression and enhance wound healing. Combat the aging process and increases prostate health by boosting your testosterone. Adding high-healthy fat like avocados, nuts, and wild salmon will help.

10.- In Conclusion.
To feel good, be productive, and improve your life. Remember to rehydrate drinking water every morning, take supplements, and avoid simple carbohydrates. Take naps to boost productivity, and target your health by exercising. Boost your testosterone levels so that you can enjoy more sex, and be healthier.

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