How many books do you read each year?

 Did you know that the average person reads one book per month?

Considering that a regular book is about 300 pages long, this means ten pages per day, and most people read a couple of pages before going to bed, and perhaps a couple more on the weekend.

Now imagine, what would you do if you could have the highlights of over 100 books available to read?

My 100 Books Project goal is to read, summarize, and extract the most valuable lessons taught by world-renowned bestseller authors and present them to you, with a summary of the book and a 0-5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  rating.  

2020 turned to be a challenge to all, the original plan for this site changed in March.

Now we plan to add not only book reviews but also some author’s articles published in Medium.com.

In the end, you’ll find book reviews, political, social, and successful articles, but also some short and funny stories. Plus more new things on communicating better, being more productive, increasing your social media, or being more physical and mentally healthy.

You will also find a translation of the highlights available in Spanish. And links to pages where you can buy a translated copy if possible.

We intend these book summaries for educational purposes, not as an alternative to the book. So if you are interested in buying a copy, you will find the links to do so in all our summaries in most of them. 

So relax and choose a theme you would like to learn from and enjoy; they are waiting for you.